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Dragonflies' Ceilidh

A collection of creations featuring fused glass, dichroic glass, stunning combinations of color and texture, and an abundance of ethereal dragonflies!

Dragonflies' Ceilidh is a intricate concept, bringing together the the spirit of the Celts and their fiery festivals, the Ceilidh, with the incredible beauty, grace and mythical symbolism of the dragonfly, such as being a sign of 'renewal' to the Indigenous Peoples of Canada.

Dragonflies are creatures of patience and although they appear delicate, are strong. Dragonflies begin their lives in water, sometimes taking up to 5 years to begin life from a larvae to a dragonfly and this metamorphosis, moving from water to air, always reconnecting and staying close to the force of water, is represented in the creations for Dragonflies' Ceilidh. Some creations are built to be delicate and intricate, like the translucent wings of the dragonfly, and others strong and powerful, like the legacy of the Celts.

Bringing these two seemingly opposing forces together is what makes Dragonflies' Ceilidh exceptional, there is an ever changing concept in each piece created; time is spent on detail, and quality, ensuring that the resulting creation is unique and yet, can evolve, adapting to each person as they connect to the creations. Environment is essential to consider as an artist, using natural elements such as stones, gems, precious metals, and even the tools used throughout the process. The very nature of the river, ever flowing, renewing life, polishing stones, and giving life to dragonflies is an essential component of the concept of Dragonflies Ceilidh.

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